Over The Edge Logo Pin
Over The Edge Logo Pin
Over The Edge Logo Pin

Over The Edge Logo Pin

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This authentic OTE pin lets others know you are one of the few who dare to step outside your comfort zone. You are brave enough to push your limits and help to make a difference in our world!

Picture this...

Your 5 hour flight has just landed after being delayed twice, a combination of turbulence and a crying baby kept you up for the whole flight and you left your favorite comfy sweater in your checked bag...

Cut to the baggage carousel - after waiting 20 minutes for your bag, out it comes. How did you know it was yours? Your bright, shiny OTE pin on the front. You remember how much money you raised for your local non-profit, and suddenly, you remember that you can get through anything! Today isn't so bad after all...


Or how about this... 

Your office, one week before your rappel. You've raised $900 for your local Over The Edge event and you're out of ideas. You stay late at work and brainstorm ways to get that last $100. 


Defeated, you decide to head home. On the way to your car, the manager of the company in the next building over spots the OTE pin on your backpack and approaches you.

"Hey, isn't that the fundraising thing that's happening next week?"

"Yeah," you reply, "I'm supposed to be going over but I haven't reached my goal. I'm SO CLOSE! I'm only short $100."

She hands you a $100 bill, "Here, put it in my company's name!"